UK-Based Zim Truck Importer Establishes First Trucker’s Association

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By Alois Vinga

UNITED KINGDOM based Zimbabwean, Dyson Dzapasi trucks who imports haulage trucks for the southern African market has made strides by forming the first union of truckers in SADC, the Continental Trucks Association.

Speaking to Business Friday, Dzapasi said he has made notable progress towards the association’s formation through engaging investors in trucking from neighbouring SADC region.

“We have approached haulage operators in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana and they are fascinated by the idea. Work is underway pulling people together and mapping the way forward,” he said.

Dzapasi said the objective of the Continental Trucks Association will be hinged on improving operational efficiency in the movement of trucks, heavy machinery and also centralising challenges faced by haulage companies at the ports.

“Ports play a vital role in the development of the economies of Africa given the heavy dependency on imports hence the need for a smooth functioning system of truck shipment and clearance to bolster economic growth,” he said.

Dzapasi is the managing director of a UK-based truck importing company, Carsden Group. The Africa Trucks Importers Association will act as a voice for a united body driving a united position in advancing members’ interests.

“The support we are receiving within the continent is overwhelming. People are excited. We allow skilled, knowledgeable, good people who love progress to come together and make sure African ports become safer and respected places,” Dzapasi added.

The concept, which is very common among ship owners has gone a long way in improving maritime legislation across the globe as well as framing a foundation for independent financial savings assisting and guaranteeing members seeking financial loans.