UK: Fast Rising Zimbabwean Fashion Designer, Rose Collins, Receives Accolades For Her Uniquely Crafted Luxury Headwear

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Zimbabwean-born fashion designer, Rose Collins, is becoming increasingly popular among lovers of fashion-forward attire, thanks to the uniquely handcrafted headwear she creates.

Raised in the small town of Kadoma, Rose takes immense pride in creating bespoke luxury handcrafted special occasion headwear for individuals, including straw fedoras, trilbys, and panamas for both men and women.

Although a piece from her collection – The “Candy” Boater, recently made it into the 2022 February issue of the British Vogue, Rose is however not new to having her genius recognized and appreciated. Her professional accolades to date include:

  • Making hats for the West End Musical Pretty Woman.

  • Collaboration with Vogue UK providing hats for photoshoots in the UK and Paris.

  • Milliner of Choice for Alton Towers themed nights.

  • Creating hats for the Housewives of Cheshire Royal Ascot at Home event in 2020.

Speaking on how she became so excellent at creating bespoke handcrafted headwear, Rose Collins revealed that she first stumbled upon millinery by chance back in 2014, whilst searching for ways to revive damaged hats for her overseas bridal boutique in Zimbabwe. Fascinated by the process, Rose attended a 2-hour workshop with Rose Corie – the late Queen Mother’s milliner, after which she was encouraged by Corie to stay the rest of the day and try her hand at making a fascinator.

From signing up for a beginner’s workshop to subsequently training with other top milliners in the UK, France, and Australia, Rose Collins is gradually becoming a formidable force within the trade and has all the makings of an industry leader. The fast-rising designer sometimes fuses her African heritage into her art by making headwear with Ankara Fabric – a 100% waxed cotton material that has bold and brightly coloured patterns associated with West African traditional wear.

“My mission is to modernize millinery by using bold colours with a mix of contemporary materials such as fish leather and latex, whilst continuing to use traditional materials like sinamay and felt – creating headwear that is both progressive and desirable.” – Rose Collins.

Currently, Rose Collins has pieces from her collections displayed for sale on her brand’s website. Anyone looking for uniquely handcrafted bespoke headwear can simply visit to browse the artist’s winter and summer collections.