UK: Investment summit for Zim diaspora at premier golf resort set for December

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By Staff Reporter

INVESTMENT opportunities in Zimbabwe and other African countries are increasingly coming into focus as growth slows in the United Kingdom (UK) and other African countries.

This is the theme of an investment summit for the Zimbabwean diaspora in the UK scheduled for December 3, at the premier Chart Hills Gold Club in Kent, which will explore existing and unexplored opportunities on the continent.

Summit organiser and Heritage Pay Chief Executive, Crosby Pamberi, said the event has been necessitated by the recession Europe and the need to open new investment avenues.

Event organiser Crosby Pamberi

“The programme is about three things: getting British people to see the true state of the UK economy and to appreciate that the short to medium term is not bright – specifically in terms of inflation, unemployment and recession amongst others,” Pamberi told

“All of this is in line with forecasts from respected analysts including economists from the Bank of England. If all of these things are going wrong in an economy, common sense tells us that there are going to be fewer opportunities for everyone.

“By contrast, there are amazing high growth-opportunities in Africa and to truly appreciate their nature and scale, requires listening to company executives and other experts who are actually on the ground in Africa, right now.”

He added; “Opportunities are there to be exploited. But you can’t exploit them when you are not in the room where they are being discussed.

“So, we are inviting UK residents to meet us and other like-minded investors to discuss and hopefully agree how best to participate in African investment opportunities.

“And leading the discussion on that will be UK-based experts; including a Chartered Accountant, a Lawyer and an Economist.”

The summit will witness high level experts in business sharing ideas on investment opportunities across the African continent.

Southern African countries, particularly Zimbabwe, have been clamouring for direct investments from their diaspora communities.

“All business opportunities carry risk. Additionally, identifying the right kind of opportunities carries with it a lot of research work. It involves developing the right kinds of relationships and nurturing them over time,” said Pamberi.

“Often, there are also barriers to be overcome; these can be cultural, language, political, legal and other barriers. We are confident that we can better navigate these hurdles better in these four countries than say in Vietnam or Indonesia.

“While there are economic opportunities and strong growth and Vietnam or Indonesia, we are less equipped to deal with the natural challenges in those environments or jurisdictions,” said Pamberi.

Pamberi also highlighted that for easy of purchase, tickets to the summit are being sold online via EventBrite. See details below …