UK: Leading healthcare firm ‘delighted’ with Zimbabwean recruits

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A leading home care provider has welcomed two new recruits after launching an international search to find new staff.

The crisis in recruitment in the care sector prompted Workington’s Bellcare to join forces with international agencies to find people willing and able to work in the industry.

Chipo Watungwa and Chenai Goredema have made the 7,000-mile journey from Zimbabwe to join the firm.

Bellcare’s managing director, Carol Wilson said: “We are absolutely delighted and humbled that Chipo and Chenai have chosen Bellcare as their employer and moved all this way to join us. They’re settling in very well and as usual, the Bellcare family have embraced our new colleagues.

“We have such a strong team here with decades of industry experience and I’m confident Chipo and Chenai will benefit enormously from this.

“We are grateful to two of our key partners for working with us to begin this campaign, consultancy firm SLSPEC Ltd who have led on the application for the sponsorship licence and Pearls International for sourcing our candidates.

“Demand for domiciliary care services across the board has soared in recent years and we are constantly recruiting frontline health care assistants. We are pleased to say we are currently going through the selection process and paperwork stage with eight other recruits to join us in the coming months.

“This is a major step in the right direction for us.”

Chipo said: “We are about a month in working and living here in Cumbria now, this is a whole new beginning, different but better working and living conditions. Working at Bellcare is so different, the team is so welcoming and supportive, and they all treat you like family.

“Working here in the UK now makes me feel closer to realising my dreams both career wise and financially. I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity which is a dream come true. I am looking ahead to a bright future with job enrichment as well as developing my career.”

Chenai Goredema added: “I have always wanted to come and work in the United Kingdom and when Bellcare offered me the opportunity I was so excited, and I didn’t hesitate to take up the offer and relocate from Africa.

“I really appreciate the support and hospitality Bellcare have offered me so far. I am looking forward to having my dreams and aspirations fulfilled by this exciting and life-changing opportunity.”

Bellcare is Cumbria’s largest provider of domiciliary care and whilst Bellcare are also searching beyond Cumbria for recruits, they are still passionate about hiring local people, Carol adds: “We are incredibly passionate about providing local employment opportunities here in West Cumbria and encourage anyone interested in taking up a career in the care sector to get in touch for a chat.

“Growing our team allows us to continue to provide vital care services, meet the increasing demand and make a real difference in the community.”