UK: Mining company appoints Zimbabwe country manager

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LONDON: Mining company Vast Resources PLC said Monday that it has appointed Will Maberly as country manager for Zimbabwe, in-line with a strategy to increase its footprint in the country.

Maberly is an original shareholder in Vast Resources and has acted as consultant on community and mining related issues since 2012. In particular, Maberly acted as the nominated representative overseeing development and operations at Vast’s 25%-owned gold mine, Pickstone-Peerless.

“With the current changes that are happening in Zimbabwe, we are keen to leverage our long-standing position in the country’s minerals industry, and we believe that to do this effectively it is important to build on our day to day local knowledge in-country,” said Chief Executive Andrew Prelea.

“This is a similar approach to management structure which we have taken in Romania, where Gabriela Dobrota has been integral in supporting our development there.”

“Our intention is for Will to take a leading role in evaluating new opportunities in Zimbabwe, liaising with the government and local investors, in addition to providing practical management assistance over our current interests,” Prelea added.