UK: Next networking event for Zim businesses set for Leicester this Friday

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By UK Correspondent

BIRMINGHAM: The next networking event for Zimbabwean businesses in the UK will be held in Leicester this Friday, organisers have confirmed

This follows “overwhelming demand” after the inaugural Birmingham event which was held in May, bringing together healthcare professionals, employers and employees.

“We took at looked our community and realised we are lacking in coming together for a common goal,” said organisers WSM Global in a statement.

“When the Zimbabwean community need to show up for things like concerts they show up in numbers and yet when it’s anything that serves our people only a few tend to show up.”

The group added; “Our first event we managed to invite 40 company directors to hear their side of the story, the issues that they have been facing and still facing.

“We managed to iron out a few of those issues through networking. They got to learn from one another and implement some of the solutions that were offered in that event.

“We even managed to have an immigration expert on the panel of speakers to answer any other questions.”

WSM Global representative Wilson Shepherd Mathe

WSM Global are now broadening the engagement and networking events beyond the healthcare industry to include other sectors as part of on-going efforts to promote black business in the UK, especially in the Zimbabwean community.

“We have a vision of making our businesses into brands we can trust and rely on,” the group said.

“We are hoping to partner with some brands and business and build outreach programmes that will be a one stop service offering pastoral service and assistance.

“As part of this project and series we are also open to different experts in their fields to come and be part of the vision.”

The Leicester event will be held at West  End Working Men’s Club and with BBC presenter Kevin Ncube, formerly of the ZBC, as host.

Speakers include Ultra Healthcare director Godfrey Mashandu as well as Taffi Nyawanza of Axiom Immigration Solicitors

“We are passionate about uplifting our Zimbabwe through the people,” said WSM Global.

“We believe we can bring about a change in the community and in time we hope that change will filter back home in support of all grassroots projects to make a better Zimbabwe.”