UK: Thabo releases his incredible new single – ‘Sensible’

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*This article is taken from Wonderland Magazine
UK: Zimbabwe-born, Huddersfield-based, Thabo Mkwananzi wants to make music that can “educate, entertain and empower”.
Having quietly put three videos online last year – ‘Sex Sells’, ‘World War Free’ and ‘Run & Tell’ – Thabo is back with his new song ‘Sensible’.
An outpouring of raw vocals and emotion, the track is instantly goose-bump inducing. Thabo’s soulful vocals give a sense of gritty honesty to the track, as the deep electronic pulses reel you in.
Talking about the song, Thabo said, “For me this song is like my half time pep talk when it feels like I’m losing, it centres me by asking me the important questions…and by the time it ends I’m a different person from who I was 5 minutes before – my head is clearer, the conviction in my heart is stronger and usually – I end up doing the thing that scares me the most!”