UK: Zimbabwe-born artist creates African inspired work from Norwich studio

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An artist from Zimbabwe is bringing a dash of African style to Norwich, after deciding to follow her heart.

Tina Doughty moved to the UK when she was 16 to study fashion, hairdressing and makeup.

The mum-of-two, who lives in Earlham, said: “I have always been a creative soul since a child and find joy and pride in creating something out of nothing.”

However, Tina didn’t touch a paintbrush for more than 20 years.

She continued: “I had my first son at the age of 30, as a single mother with no support, suffering from postnatal depression.

“I finally pushed myself to pick up a paintbrush and see where my heart takes me.

The mum of two started painting after having her first child (Image: Denise Bradley)

“This became my form of therapy and after putting a couple of art pieces on my social platforms I started to get messages, asking if my work could be purchased.”

So, without meaning to, Tina started what is now known as Art By Cocopina.

And now she plans to prove that people can make a living through art.

Art By Cocopina has a unique style, Tina said: “My heart is always drawn to African art.

“Growing up in Africa in over eight African countries, I have embedded memories of such beautiful, powerful rich culture from this incredible continent I will always call home.

“I like to produce artwork that represents people of colour, to have in their homes or business that connects with them – art they can choose and display with pride.”

Since being in Norwich, she has had many ideas for taking her work to the next level.

She said: “Norwich is such a creative city, with lots of art galleries and places to display my work is incredible.”

From her home studio, Tina wants to show her sons that anything is possible.