UK: Zim-born Birmingham model hits back at concerns for her kids over raunchy pictures online

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A Birmingham-based model has spoken out over a backlash to her racy social media posts. Victoria Blue, who hails from Zimbabwe, moved to the UK in 2004.

She lived in Yorkshire until moving to Birmingham. Now aged 28, Victoria often posts raunchy pictures wearing raunchy lingerie on her Facebook and Instagram.

And now she is hitting back at trolls. She said: “So it’s come to my attention that not everyone is understanding why I chose to be part of calendar girls and why I’m plastering images of me in my bra and knickers all over social media.

“I may always look upbeat and bold every time but I go through a lot struggles from teeth grinding and jaw clenching to sleep apnoea and learning difficulties.

Victoria Blue

“I used to think I’m not good enough, not pretty, too ‘fat’, a s*** mum. On the outside everyone sees me as this bubbly, happy, positive person who always has a smile on her face, but reality is I am human and do make mistakes but I would never intentionally provoke or offend anyone.”

She continued: “Being a model helps me get some body confidence back. I have diets and a fitness calendar, and I’m actually really active (person) and actually have a good fitness though most people will mock me.

“A few years ago I fell in love with modelling, embraced and learnt to love my curves and also began live streaming for fun and found myself blooming into a positivity influencer and helping others and by doing this I also found healing too! I wanted to continue helping other plus size women out there.”

She said: “I love my children – Yes! I do believe that I am being a positive role model to them even though I am doing this! I have never called myself fat or criticised my weight or image in front of them.

“They have no idea of my insecurities and that’s how I like it! As I feel that kids do pick up on things like that!. They have seen the pictures and they actually know all about it too!”