UK: Zim scientists among team of global experts to help build sustainable future

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By UK Correspondent

TWO Zimbabwean scientists have been named among a multinational team of experts put together by the University of South Wales to help address challenges of building sustainable future.

The experts come from as far as South America, Asia, and Africa.

The team includes Zimbabwean researcher Dr Shepherd Siangwata who obtained his PhD in Chemistry from University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2020.

Also on the team is compatriot Dr Leah Matsinha whose PhD in Chemistry was also awarded by the University of Cape Town.

Dr Matsinha has won several awards in recognition of her research career, and these include the prestigious Future Leaders: African Independent Researcher (FLAIR) Fellowship awarded by the Royal Society and the Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize.

The team of experts will look at projects which focus on carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and the by-products of industrial processes.

The team of experts assembled by the University of South Wales

The ground-breaking projects include looking at innovative ways to convert carbon dioxide into chemicals that can be used by industry, therefore cutting the amount of the greenhouse gas fed into the atmosphere.

“One of the key aims of the University’s 2030 Strategy is to address the challenges posed by moving towards a more sustainable world,” said Dr Gareth Owen who is leading the team.

“These projects are just a few that USW is working on and highlights our commitment to a greener future.

“Being able to attract experts of such calibre from across the globe to USW shows how serious we are taken by those who, like us, are passionate about addressing environmental challenges.

“It also proves that USW is at the forefront of such research and how the University is helping to further develop a variety of experts who choose to advance their knowledge here.”