“Undertaker legislator” buries hatchet forges alliance with political foes 

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By Kwekwe Correspondent 

LOCAL Government Minister, July Moyo and MDC MP, Lloyd Mukapiko a “professional undertaker” and the man who humbled the Cabinet Minister in last year’s elections, have buried the hatchet and agreed to work together for the development of Redcliff constituency on the outskirts of Kwekwe.

Mukapiko told New in an interview, that the elections were a thing of the past adding he desperately needed Moyo, Zanu PF deputy secretary for administration’s support in order to achieve his vision.

“I was not the victor. The people of Redcliff emerged victorious. I don’t regard Minister Moyo as an opponent but a colleague.

“I need him more than ever, in us working to uplift livelihoods in the constituency. As a Redcliff resident he is familiar with the problems in the constituency,” said Mukapiko..

“Minister Moyo is an important stakeholder in the development of the constituency, both as a senior government official and a resident. The input of each and every resident is important in the development of the constituency.”

Mukapiko described his relationship with Moyo as “cordial.”

Moyo last year speaking after this post election defeat said that there was no bad blood between him and the former Redcliff Municipality employee.

The Local Government Minister instead called on residents of the constituency, including Zanu PF supporters to render support to Mukapiko until the end of his term.

Meanwhile, Mukapiko has roped in other losing Redcliff parliamentary candidates to be part of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Committee.

“We have decided to put aside our political differences and work together for the development of Redcliff. Problems bedeviling our area are much more important than whatever differences that we might have,” losing ZIPP parliamentary candidate Edmore Gotora said.

Another losing parliamentary aspirant Brenda Moyo who was representing the National Patriotic Front said she was also working with Mukapiko.

“It is true I am also part of the CDF committee,” Moyo said.

Mukapiko added: “We want all those who were contesting in the elections in Redcliff, to come forward and be part of the committee. We want their input and the ideas which they promised for Redcliff’s transformation not to die but be put to use.”

Mukapiko in 2018 then employed as a graveyard assistant by Redcliff Municipality, stunned his then boss Moyo when he romped to victory in the Parliamentary elections.