MDC-T undertaker plots minister July Moyo’s political burial in Redcliff parliamentary poll

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By William Milasi

A professional undertaker is plotting Local Government Minister July Moyo’s political grave in the race to land the ticket to represent Redcliff constituency in parliament in elections due this July 30.

Nominated to represent the MDC Alliance through the youth quota system, Lloyd Mukapiko said the electorate must look beyond his occupation but what he could deliver.

The aspiring lawmaker said his interesting occupation was a not a factor in his bid to become MP.

“This election is about bringing development to the Redcliff people who have borne the brunt of Zanu PF’s 38 years of misrule.

“Zanu PF’s mis-governance is well documented in Redcliff; the example of how they run down Ziscosteel is telling and for all to see,” he said.

Mukapiko said the constituency was under serious underdevelopment.

“People are voting for a leader who can deliver. People are battling serious bread and butter issues which go beyond me being a grave digger,” he said.

He said his leadership is going to be people oriented.

“The problem we have been having as a constituency is that politicians who are far divorced from the day to day struggles encountered by people on a daily basis have been coming and making promises which to date have remained unfulfilled.

“The problems in Redcliff are tackled by someone who is with the people. Someone who understands the day to day lives of those people,” he said.

Mukapiko said Moyo, despite owning a farm in Redcliff, remains unknown to the people.

“The electorate knows and understands me very well than my serious adversary July Moyo. They even know that I help them very much when it comes to burials and records of the dead. I am not a grave digger per se. I just assist in the burials,” he said.

The much desired reopening of Ziscosteel seems to be battleground for all MP aspirants in Redcliff.

Independent candidate 24-year-old Lovemore Maradze who is the youngest to contest for a legislative seat in the country, said the “the failure of Redcliff constituency has in all sectors been contributed by the closure of Ziscosteel it was the main and internal source of livelihood for the people of Redcliff. This was aided by the leadership that was unable to drive the constituency towards change and adapt to the new prevailing condition.”

National Patriotic Front (NPF) Redcliff parliamentary aspirant Brenda Moyo said once elected, she will “use every drop of blood and sweat” to ensure the resuscitation of the parastatal.

“I will use every ounce of my strength, blood and sweat to make sure that Ziscosteel is reopened,” she said.

Meanwhile, Moyo, who have also been visible on the ground campaigning, has pledged to ensure the steel giant reopens if President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reelected.

“Once the electorate has given President Mnangagwa a fresh mandate in this election, Ziscosteel is going to be re-opened,” he said whilst addressing party supporters in Redcliff.