Unidentified men tailing, harassing Mnangagwa challenger, Musengezi 

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By Staff Reporter 

SYBETH Musengezi, the Zanu PF activist challenging President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascent to party and national leadership, has said he is being tailed and harassed by unidentified people.

Musengezi, who spent a week in custody after his arrest on charges he fraudulently acquired Zanu PF membership in 2012, said some of the people were spending days parked by his home.

He shared details on Twitter, having been silent since his release on Friday 20.

“Wasn’t feeling too well after my release last week, but I am good now. Many thanks to all who stood with me before, during and after my arrest for a ‘bogus charge’ at the instigation of Mnangagwa’s henchmen. Thanks for the solidarity and heartwarming messages. Ngazviende mberi,” Musengezi said.

“They put me in jail, threatened, intimidated, inhumanely treated and harassed me and those close to me so as to break my spirit and force me into submission, but that’s not gonna happen. Mnangagwa has to respect us. This country belongs to us all, not him and his associates alone

They wanted my current physical address and as much information as they could get on me through the so called “profiling” so they can put me under surveillance, follow, harass or raid me anytime they want.

Since my arrest and “profiling”, unidentified people have been coming as they please at my house,  pretending to be making inquiries. Some just park and sit by the roadside anytime they want. If anything suspicious or bad happens at my house, it is definitely Mnangagwa’s people.”

In his High Court application, filed last year, Musengezi argued Mnangagwa was improperly elected as Zanu PF first secretary after the 2017 coup which toppled his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

His lawyer, Doug Coltart, told reporters that the state’s case against Musengezi was aimed at denying him the right to challenge Mnangagwa by depriving him of his party membership and locus standi.