Union Bemoans ‘Empty’ Christmas For Zim Teachers

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By Staff Reporter

PROGRESSIVE Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou has bemoaned the tough economic situation that has visited educators during the Christmas period.

In a statement Thursday, Zhou said Zimbabwean teachers were mourning instead of celebrating Christmas.”

“On a day many families are supposed to be merry, teachers’ families resemble some mourning as teachers have virtually very little, if not nothing, to offer to their families.

“Other than receiving wishes for a merry Christmas, teachers have nothing to offer to their families as rentals, exorbitant electricity and water bills, transport costs and the dollarisation of the economy have cumulatively wiped teachers’ starvation wages.”

Zhou urged government “to address teachers’ welfare issues, let alone health and safety, as a matter of urgency”.

He also said government should reconsider its decision to reopen schools on the 4th of January.

“We also hope that government will revisit its warped and suicidal intention to open schools on the 4th of January 2021.

“Government can only continue to ignore professional advice we proffer always, at the peril of the education system in Zimbabwe.

“Industrial disharmony would ensue unless government addresses the issue of welfare, health and safety of teachers as a matter of urgency.”

Zimbabwean teachers have fronted a confrontation by public workers with their employer over wages and working conditions, especially during the current Covid-19 period.

Government has adamantly refused to give in to US dollar wage demands by the educators.