Uproar over police bosses hefty perks

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By Staff Reporter

JUNIOR police officers are heavily disgruntled after a confidential correspondence showing their bosses are getting airtime and data allowances way above their monthly salaries was leaked.

The police memo, seen by Monday, reveals that assistant commissioners are getting as much as ZW$28 355 for data and airtime alone while junior officers are earning salaries not exceeding ZW$19 000 per month.

Chief superintendents are getting ZW$19 403, according to the memo titled: “Commanders’ airtime and data allowance.”.

The figures, which were reviewed upwards last week, have angered junior officers, some of whom told off the record they be determined to vote Zanu PF out of power in 2023.

“How is it possible that our bosses can find nothing wrong with awarding themselves such amounts in data and airtime when they fully know we are struggling to survive on the little they are already giving us?” queried one of the officers.

“It does not make sense that they give each other such amounts in airtime and data. You cannot give yourself data and airtime allowance which is far higher than what a junior officer is getting. What do they use this airtime for anyway, when they already have landlines in their offices?”

Unlike soldiers, whose salaries were recently raised to ZW$54 000, nurses and police officers have had to survive on their meagre earnings.

“Junior officers did not vote for Zanu PF at the March by-elections. Go and check results at most polling stations that were set up near police stations. This will definitely not convince us that our decision was not the best one,” another police officer said.

“They are creating a very dangerous environment by such poor decisions.”