US embassy anti-sanctions vigil continues

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By Idah Mhetu

A group of citizens under the banner Broad Alliance Against Sanctions (BAAS), who have been camping at the American Embassy in Harare for close to two weeks now, have vowed to stay put until the measures imposed on Zimbabwe in 2001 are removed.

In an interview with on Tuesday, at the embassy, the group said the sanctions have not served their intended purpose.

“Sanctions are actually targeting the ordinary people leaving out those listed, many Zimbabweans are unemployed and we cannot afford medication being charged in United States dollars. You look at the likes of (former President Robert) Mugabe who is on the list, if he gets sick today he will be flown to Singapore for treatment, what about us,” said Sally Ngoni spokesperson of the BAAS.

The protestors outside the US embassy building argue sanctions are hurting ordinary citizens and not those they are targeted at

Whole families are also part of the vigil that has entered its second week

The US enacted the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act in 2001 and continue to be renewed annually

Protestors’ laundry outside the US embassy