US Embassy Pledge To Bring Investors To Zimbabwe

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By Alois Vinga

US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols has committed to assisting US investors interested in establishing companies in Zimbabwe after acknowledging the country had huge untapped economic potential.

Speaking during the Post Reconstruction Trade Mission to Mozambique and Zimbabwe meeting held virtually Monday, US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols vowed to render any assistance possible to potential investors in his country.

“I would like to note that promoting American businesses and their investments in Zimbabwe is a top priority for me and for our entire mission.

“I believe that American businesses have more to offer to Zimbabwe and beyond.

“I fully support your presence and we are here to assist you in whatever way we can in the US Embassy in Harare,” he said.

Nichols said US companies have a tremendous ability to bring about positive change which could improve lives throughout the region while creating good opportunities for the region’s peoples.

He described Zimbabwe as a country with “incredible potential” endowed by “a wonderful educated, engaging English speaking workforce”.

“It has a tremendous climate with about 330 sunny days a year with potential for solar power, infrastructure investment in Zimbabwe. The mineral and mining extractive sector has a lot more that can be done in that sector.

“With a fabulous climate, Zimbabwe is an agricultural powerhouse which saw the country being the region’s breadbasket in the past. There is hope that the country can return to that status,” said Nichols.

He said after a couple of years having experienced drought, a good rainy season this year and a very strong harvest in the last months have eased the hardships.

However, Nichols admitted working in Zimbabwe has not been easy because of challenges; economic policies have not always benefitted the private sector and there has been a lack of transparency on corruption.

“Those are real challenges. I know you have an ally working in Zimbabwe. This is an opportunity for private sector voices to talk about,” he said.