US Embassy Torches Twitter Storm After Demanding Justice Over January 2019 Atrocities

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By Ndatenda Njanike

THE United States embassy in Harare was Tuesday inundated with angry tweets by some locals who felt the superpower was not sincere in its demands on Zimbabwean authorities to account for atrocities committed against civilians by security forces during ill-fated January 2019 anti-government protests.

Zimbabwe security forces used excessive lethal force to crush nationwide protests in mid-January 2019.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sudden announcement of a fuel price increase of 150 percent resulted in three days of demonstrations throughout the country.

The protests elicited a brutal reaction by security forces who fired live ammunition, killing 17 people coupled with accusations of rape committed against nearly a dozen women.

Through an embassy twitter handle Tuesday, the US wrote, “Two years. When will Zimbabwe investigate, prosecute, and convict government security forces accused of rape, torture, and killing civilians in Jan 2019? Two years is too long to seek justice/answers/accountability.”

The twit was not taken lightly by some Zimbabweans who were quick to question the superpower for alleged failure for account for its own transgressions dating back to centuries ago.

“When it comes to killing innocent people who can compare to the USA,” questioned @IChikonzo.

“Two hundred years. When will USA investigate, prosecute, and convict government security forces accused of rape, torture, and killing civilians in Jan 1819? Two hundred years is too long to seek justice/answers/accountability for slavery,” wrote @AdalaShumba.

“Who killed Malcolm X? Has he or she been prosecuted? Who killed Martin Luther? Any prosecution and conviction? Who killed JF Kennedy? Any prosecution?” tweeted Samuel Ravengai.

The US has come under the spotlight only recently after violent fanatics to outgoing President Donald Trump stormed the US capitol in Washington to try and stop a joint session of Congress confirming Joe Biden’s election win.

Trump is adamant his November poll defeat to Biden was through rigging.

Four civilian deaths and that of a police officer were experienced during the embarrassing scenes beamed to a shocked global audience.

Meanwhile, some Zimbabwean twitter users sided with the US Harare embassy with demands to know how the gruesome acts of two years ago could just be slid under the carpet.

“They are protecting their own everything was swept under the carpet,” tweeted MDC ALLIANCE NEW ZEALAND.

“There is no justice in Zim as long you are not of the ruling part,”@onewayafricazim said.

“They will not investigate because they are the ones who sent the forces to kill in the first place,” Bornwell Mananavir said.