US$295 million missing from 2021 gold exports says Team Pachedu; demands accountability from RBZ

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By Staff Reporter

PRESSURE group Team Pachedu has challenged the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe to account for US$295 million shortfall for gold exports between Harare and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2021.

According to a report by Team Pachedu, Zimbabwe exported gold worth US$1,7 billion however UAE’s import records show that the Arab nation bought the yellow metal amounting to US$1,9 billion.

“US$295 Million gold money is missing. In 2021, Zimbabwe officially exported 28,468kg of Gold to the UAE for US$1,604,058,775.

“However, the UAE officially received 34,340kg of Gold from Zimbabwe for US$1,898,899,693 in 2021.

“RBZ must explain the missing US$294,840,918,” Team Pachedu said.

Zimbabwe is currently seized with a gold and money laundering scandal involving some high ranking officials.

In a latest podcast by Al Jazeera Investigative Unit, convicted gold smuggler Ewan Macmillan implicated President Mnangagwa in illegal gold dealings in the 1990s.

Macmillan revealed to undercover Al Jazeera Investigative Unit team that he allegedly spent 60 days in prison to protect his former partner Mnangagwa.

In the podcast series on the explosive documentary the Gold Mafia, Al Jazeera Investigative Unit further exposes how gold is used to clean dirty money by sharing some back stories that are not in their initial film.