Minister says Zanu PF youths using social media to divide the party

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By Lawrence Paganga

DEPUTY Foreign Minister David Musabayana has told Zanu PF youths not to abuse social media platforms to divide the ruling party, but instead use them to fight the opposition.

Musabayana, who is also Wedza North MP, was addressing Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial structures in Marondera last weekend when he made the call.

He expressed his displeasure at such malcontents who intend to sow the seed of division in Zanu PF.

“Next year, we will be going for elections and we want to garner more than five million votes for President ED Mnangagwa and the party,” said Musabayana.

“The opposition knows very well that they will not stand a chance and as we are all aware, they are using social media platforms to try and reach out to the electorate and as President ED said, we must fight this social media warfare against them (opposition), not against each other in Zanu PF,” he said.

Zanu PF youths in Mashonaland East, especially in Marondera Central constituency, have been openly expressing their frustrations on social media platforms, mainly WhatsApp.

This is after the governing party performed dismally, losing all contested parliamentary and local council seats in the last March by-elections held in Marondera Central to the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

The frustrated youths are also calling for the removal of the Zanu PF provincial and district leaders accusing them of failing to mobilise supporters ahead of the crunch 2023 national elections.

However, Musabayana feels these youths should be “reprimanded forthrightly”.

“There are youths who are abusing social media by posting messages and comments that divide the party and undermine our unity and that is not healthy for us at this moment,” he said.

“Such youths should be reprimanded forthrightly and it is also my opinion that our party social media platforms should be closely monitored and managed to avoid such malcontents who intend to sow seeds of division.”

Musabayana added there was need for Zanu PF to counter the opposition CCC’s attempts to mobilise support in rural areas.

“The opposition now has an agenda to try and make inroads in the rural constituencies, and we must not give them any chance to try and lure voters from these areas by remaining united through using social media platforms constructively.”