UZA leader promises state assistance for Gukurahundi victims once in power 

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION party United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) has in its manifesto promised state assistance to victims of past political crimes as a means of restitution to their prior economic and social status.

UZA president Elisabeth Valerio revealed this while unveiling its manifesto in Bulawayo.

Valerio said: “UZA has a national package for Zimbabweans, a package that will accommodate the needs and aspirations of all Zimbabweans. 

“To move Zimbabwe forward, UZA presents a vision for a brighter future for our country. Guided by four overarching themes: accountability, advancement, dignity and stability-we have outlined our policies and how we will address the key challenges facing our nation. Our manifesto is not a mere document, it is a four part resource for citizens’ enlightenment and a contract between UZA and the people of Zimbabwe. It’s a promise that UZA will deliver if the citizens give us the mandate to govern the nation of Zimbabwe”.

In the manifesto, UZA said compensating victims of the Gukurahundi massacres and their families is part of its agenda.


The 1980s genocide allegedly claimed over 20,000 Ndebele-speaking people in the southern part of Zimbabwe and has remained unresolved as victims’ relatives seek closure.

“Families were displaced and so many women and children were left widowed and orphaned. Former President Mugabe said it was a moment of madness. Since 1999 to date political violence has claimed lives whose numbers are yet to be determined. Many citizens lost their loved ones. while some have lost limbs and sustained life-threatening injuries. Others lost their properties and entire livelihoods due to political violence and persecution.” read the manifesto.

Invariably, the opposition party said it believes in reconciliation rather than retribution, adding that once elected into power it will “carry out an urgent review of what the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has achieved with a view of finding out if there are any shortcomings. Extensive consultations will be done with the affected populace as part of the review”.