Uzumba Maramba-Pfungwe Villagers Vow To Vote Mnangagwa Out Over Chinese Invasions

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By Leopold Munhende

ZANU PF supporters in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe (UMP), angered by the ruling party’s silence at a time Chinese owned Heijin Mining Company continues to harass and displace them from their ancestral land, have warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa they will vote him out of power in 2023.

UMP is a known Zanu PF stronghold and has over the past years been its major source of votes, a point some of the villagers made in their promises to vote against Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF.

They were speaking at a meeting organised by villagers and attended by Zanu PF councillor Fagio Marowa.

“Honestly we are not happy with what is happening here,” said one of the villagers who claimed to be a war veteran.

“This area is known for voting, and when we vote we expect that leader to protect us, if he fails then our votes will be for someone else, If they really want our votes they should stop these people. Some areas have farms, we do not have farms so where do they think we should go,” he said.

“Having the MDC Alliance in our corner is good and bad, if Zanu PF does not man up and help us we will vote MDC Alliance.”

The area under question Kaseke and Chibvi 2 was identified by Heijin for black granite mining, cutting and a polishing plant earlier this year.

Engagements between the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) revealed Heijin had not yet been given authority to go ahead but has since pegged its claims on grazing land, farming fields and homesteads.

According to EMA, Heijin is yet to submit an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Heijin reportedly told Headmen in those areas “they are well protected” when questions were raised.

Added another: “In 2023 we will vote but we will vote after seeing how things are. If things remain the same then we will see. We are not denying our party but we are in pain. Our desire is that our Zanu PF leaders come down to the grassroots to sort out this mess.”

Some Chinese mining companies have been fingered in massive abuse of villagers in Zimbabwe’s rural areas, with most forcing them off their ancestral homes to set up operations whose sustainability has remained in question.

In August one traditional leader, Chief Chiweshe told journalists the Chinese are taking advantage of the role they played in liberating Zimbabwe to strip it of all its mineral resources.

An inter-ministerial taskforce sent by Mnangagwa to investigate the UMP situation is yet to publicise its findings.