Vaccination Cards Vanish At Chinhoyi Council Clinic

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

TWENTY-seven Covid-19 vaccination cards have vanished at Chinhoyi Municipality’s Mzari Clinic in what threatens the country’s efforts to attain herd immunity in fighting the deadly pandemic.

The local authority made the discovery of the missing vaccination cards (serial numbers 02544941 to 02544967) on September 27, and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has since been summoned to probe the suspected internal job at the clinic, where acts of corruption are reportedly rife among staffers.

Council spokesperson, Tichaona Mlauzi confirmed the shenanigans at the health institution were being investigated.

“We have reported the matter to CID Chinhoyi after 27 vaccination cards went missing from the drug room. This was discovered on September 27 as the sister-in-charge was conducting routine stocktaking,” Mlauzi told Saturday.

He added, “These cards are kept in the drug room together with other essential drugs where they were secure and properly locked up.”

The clinic’s sister-in-charge is the sole custodian of keys to the drug room and assaigns duties to surbordinates, as and when necessary.

Suspicion is high vaccination cards could have been stolen for resale at US$20 each to persons who are averse to vaccines.

Observers have noted such acts of theft and corruption in the health sector are militating efforts in combating the killer respiratory ailment, which has claimed thousands of lives across the country, and millions globally.