Vic Falls Residents Petition Council Over Untarred Road

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

VICTORIA FALLS – Some residents in parts of Victoria Falls’ high-density suburbs of Mkhosana and Chinotimba have petitioned the municipality to tar a road that leads to the Truck Stop saying dust emanating from there was causing a health hazard.

The residents want operators of the Truck Stop to buy a pint of milk for each affected resident if the facility fails to tar the road or relocate to a place far away from people.

They said they will hold the operators accountable in the event any resident fell sick from dust pollution.

“We the undersigned being bona fide residents of Victoria Falls and being exposed to a health hazard on a daily basis arising from inhaling dust polluted air blown to our homes from the truck stop along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road, do hereby present this petition to your esteemed office to take immediate remedial action to save a lot of lives,” read a petition handed to Town Clerk Ronnie Dube.

The Truck Stop is operated by the council in partnership with a private investor.

Residents said the worst affected are those at houses within a 400-meter radius especially in the CBZ and Hlalani Kuhle houses on the western side of the Truck Stop and Busy Island north of the Truck Stop where the wind blows going “carrying with it visible clouds of dust.”

They said dust affects property, foodstuffs, fruit trees, and linen.

“We therefore through this petition implore your office to get operators of the Truck Stop to tar or pave at least 100 meters of the dusty road from the Bulawayo main road as a permanent solution to the problem.

“That is the immediate term the operators sprinkle water twice daily in the morning and afternoon on the said dusty road to minimise dust and if these solutions are not possible then relocate the Truck Stop elsewhere away from near residential areas.

“Failure of all the above within a month of this petition, the Truck Stop will be held responsible for anyone falling sick due to dust within the said areas and meet medical bills accordingly. The Truck Stop should also consider buying a pint of milk daily for all the exposed people,” read the petition.

The residents also seek to invite the Environmental Management Agency to impose appropriate punitive corrective measures against the Truck Stop for causing air pollution which they said is dangerous especially in the face of Covid-19.