Vic Falls Residents Up-In-Arms As Cockroaches Invade Homes

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

VICTORIA FALLS: Residents in some parts of Mkhosana high-density suburb are complaining that their homes have been turned into permanent havens for “big” cockroaches due to lack of proper sewer system as they all use septic tanks in the area.

BD846 section of Mkhosana suburb, an area that Ward 11 councillor, Edmore Zhou lives in, has been without proper sewer system for more than 15 years when the suburb was built.

Most houses use septic tanks while other residents use the bush to relieve themselves.

Speaking at a residents’ meeting, some habitants of the suburb expressed their displeasure over the obtaining situation.

“We have been budgeting for 20 years for the sewer system in BD846 but nothing has happened. We have been told that for us to have proper toilets we have to wait for the construction of new houses on the extension side,” one resident, Obert Dube said.

“Probably we will have to wait for 100 years. We have been without toilets for 20 years using septic tanks and that is a breeding place for cockroaches.”

Another resident concurred.

“When you employ new workers, consider people who were born and grew up in Victoria Falls because they are the ones who use septic tanks and know how it feels to coexist with omabhatshi (big cockroaches) because of lack of sewer system,” he said.

The issue of unfair employment patterns has been thorny in Victoria Falls with residents accusing companies of importing labour from other provinces at their expense.

They also accuse the municipality of favouring people from Matabeleland South for jobs at the expense of those from Matabeleland North, despite the two provinces belonging to one Matabeleland region.

Residents also complained that the municipality was punishing them for its failures by overcharging them especially on water bills where the council mostly estimates readings.

A majority of residents claim their water metres were faulty yet council meter readers continued to purport to be using actual water usage readings.

The residents also want the council to revise its proposed 2021 budget.

Residents chair Kelvin Moyo said they have set up a committee tasked with scrutinising the 2021 budget proposal and have since submitted a document with recommendations to the council management.