Vic Falls To Go One Week With No Water Supplies

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

RESIDENTS in the resort city of Victoria Falls will have to endure a dry week after the council announced it will be rationing the precious liquid for seven days owing to a technical fault.

Since taking over the management of raw water from Zimbabwe National Water Management Authority (ZINWA), the new city has been struggling to effectively pump water to residents.

Councillors recently complained ZINWA had deliberately hiked water charges since the time it gave up raw water pumping.

On the other hand, the residents have been pestering the local council to reduce water charges since it is now in control of the whole value chain, a notion which the council has clarified arguing water management will not translate to cheaper water charges as there are additional
input costs associated with pumping, purification, and distribution.

A snap survey by showed there were no water supplies around resort city Sunday evening as rationing had

There is also a long-standing battle between the local council and residents including the tourism business community over
exorbitant water bills after the council hiked rates by 400%.

In a statement Sunday, the council management said water will be available for a few hours on each day until next weekend.

“Victoria Falls Council would like to advise its residents and stakeholders that one of the pumps at the raw water abstraction pump
station is malfunctioning leading to a low water pumping rate at the water purification plant,” the municipality announced.

“Water supplies will be intermittently rationed during the week ending August 7, 2021, to ensure that all areas get enough supplies for basic use.”

It added a team of technicians was on the ground working on the pump.

The council’s pumping system at the Zambezi River has over time been characterised by constant breakdowns as the pipes are now obsolete.