VID moves to curb corruption

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By Idah Mhetu

TRANSPORT Minister Joel Biggy Matiza on Monday launched the Electronic Learners License Testing System (ELLTS) as part of a raft of new measures that are aimed at curbing rampant corruption in the issuance of driver’s licenses

Matiza told guests at the launch that the system will eliminate sleaze in one of the most corrupt government departments in the country.

“This system is aimed at fostering efficiency and eliminating corruption, and enhancing government’s capacity to plug revenue leakages in the entire transport sector,” Matiza said.

Corruption at the Vehicle Inspection Registry (VID) is cited as one of the key contributors to the increase in accidents on the country’s roads.

Matiza added that the implementation of the ELLTS will also enhance road safety on the country’s trunk roads in particular.

“The ELLTS is designed to remove the human element in the assessment of the competence of prospective drivers. We will now be using a touch screen monitor and the computer randomly selects questions so this prevents communication between students during the test and the sharing of answers,” he added.

“Our country cannot afford to continue to lose lives by allowing unqualified people or those who would have acquired learner’s licenses through dubious means onto the roads.”

VID director Joseph Pedzapasi agreed the new system will help curb graft.

“The system will help to curb corruption and human interface,” said Pedzapasi.

Matiza further said his ministry has been tainted by the negativity brought about by corruption at VID in particular.

“Our Ministry has been tainted negatively by instances of corruption. This system we are looking at will provide solutions to this serious problem that has caused many accidents on our roads,” he added.

The Transport Minister added that the system will be introduced gradually to the other parts of the country.