Villager Kills Neighbour Over Firewood

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

A 35-year-old Karoi man will rue the day he ganged up with two others to assault his neighbour in a dispute over firewood gathered from the boundary of their properties.

The High Court last week sentenced Kudakwashe James of Village 4C, Nyamahape, Chief Kazangarare, Hurungwe in Karoi to five years imprisonment for culpable homicide.

The presiding judge suspended one-and-half years of the sentence.

James will, therefore, serve an effective three-and-half years behind bars.

Circumstances were that on 20 September 2019, the now deceased Michael Tachiringwa (29) went to his fields to cut some firewood at the boundary of his property and that of James.

As he was busy gathering the firewood, James arrived and reprimanded him against it, arguing the trees belonged to him.

The accused person and his brother Chamunorwa James, who is still at large, confronted the now deceased and blocked him from transporting the firewood while demanding that they first go for arbitration by the village headman.

The following day at around 10am, the two brothers teamed up with one Tony Marowa, who is also still on the run, and collected the disputed firewood using a scotch cart and offloaded it at Kudakwashe’s homestead.

This angered Tachiringwa who went and confronted the trio resulting in a heated verbal exchange.

In the spur of the moment, Chamunorwa armed himself with a shovel which he used to bludgeon Tachiringwa on the left thigh sending him to the ground.

Kudakwashe then rushed to a disused kitchen where he took a knife and went to where Tachiringwa lay on the ground and stabbed him on the already injured leg.

As Tachiringwa still lay haplessly on the ground, Marowa armed himself with a log and savagely assaulted him all over his body.

The court heard the now deceased bled profusely from the stab wound.

The three assailants fled the scene following the heinous attack.

Tachiringwa was rushed to River Rank Clinic by his father and other well-wishers, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

His body was ferried back to the village before a police report was lodged.

Police attended the scene and conveyed the body to Karoi District Hospital mortuary for postmortem.

The murder weapons, a knife, a shovel and log were recovered at the scene.

A postmortem revealed Tachiringwa’s death was due to severe haemorrhage as a result of stab wounds.