Visual Artist Honors Women With Riveting Art Piece

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

HARARE based visual artist, Josh Chaps K, born Joshua Chapata has celebrated women with his latest art piece titled ‘tinotenda amai’ showcased Thursday.
The painting made of acrylic on canvas features a woman donning a head-wrap holding an infant in her arms.
The canvas painting is aptly named ‘tinotenda amai’ which loosely translates to thank you mother.
Josh Chaps is the founder and chief executive officer of arts and crafts brand, Creative Inc Arts and Crafts which he operates under as a solo artists.
In an interview with, Thursday, the rising abstract artist said the art is a recognition to the work and sacrifices made by mothers and women in general.
“The piece was motivated from the realization that women carry a very significant part of humanity, everything we have and achieve is as a result of their hard work and sacrifice, society hardly recognizes their powerful element they bring in life.
“It’s also a celebration of my mothers birthday this month of August.
“Through my art I speak the message of hope, encouragement. I try motivate people to go for their dreams, talents and gifting and push to have communities build on a spirit of ubuntu.”
The piece is followed by a write up paying tribute to women written by Josh Chaps.
“A miracle is birthed inside her, grows inside her and out of what seemed like nothing you and me – humanity. Beyond biology complexities she has been chosen to nurture the seed that very same seed that is humanity. Give her the dueful place, her seat to a throne blessed is she for the continuity of mankind is housed within her. The blessing we smile upon is only brought to our light through her, lets not despise and trample on her,” the write up reads
“Fetch her crown, clothe her in fine silk, fix the crown, give her the scepter without her we cannot be, without her we wouldn’t be and thus in unison lets give her dueful praise.”