Vocal MDC MPs receive death threats

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By Anna Chibamu

MDC MPs say they have received death threats from unknown party enemies for continuously questioning President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy and demanding the full enjoyment of human rights by Zimbabweans.

Party national chair Thabitha Khumalo said Thursday she was among those who received threatening death messages via their mobile phones.

The message read, “Zita rangu ndonzi ‘Death’ Mafreedoms nemarights amunoda kukoshesa aya be careful kuti security in numbers haiwanzobatsiri kana wawega. We are gunning for you. (My name is death. Be careful about these freedom rights you continue demanding. You think you are secure in numbers but we will hunt you down when you are on your own. We are gunning for you).”

Khumalo told Thursday that she will not abandon her job as MP because of the threats.

“It will not work,” she said.

“I did not rig no election,,,killing me will not bring drugs to hospitals, killing me will not create no jobs, killing me will not bring our kids from the Diaspora home and all the ills.”

Khumalo said her would-be killers will still die when time comes, adding that death was unavoidable to everyone.”

Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume also said a lot of MDC MPs have received similar threats.

“We would want to mention the unfortunate incidents of threats being sent to our parliamentarians through text messages,” he said in a statement Thursday while urging police to investigate the matter.

The threats on MDC legislators follow cases in which they have heckled and in some cases walked out in the middle of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s address to the house.

MDC claims its leader Nelson Chamisa was robbed of his victory in the July 30 elections and has resolved to go on a campaign to delegitimise the Zimbabwean leader.

Last week, police stormed parliament to drag out all MDC MPs after they defiantly refused to stand up in honour of Mnangagwa who was arriving in parliament to listen to the 2019 budget statement by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube.

It is however not the first time that opposition legisltors have received death messages on their phones.

In 2015, some vocal party MPs, among them James Maridadi and Jessie Majome, also received similar messages but were never physically victimised.