Vote each other into power regardless of political differences: NGO urges women

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MUTARE: Women should vote each other into power regardless of their political differences, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe has said.

Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe(WCoZ) Manicaland Chapter chairperson, Irene Takundwa, said as the country approaches the election women should take advantage to vote for each other regardless of their political affiliation.a

She made these remarks during a meeting which was attended by WCoZ executives and some aspiring women candidates drawn from political parties such as Zanu PF, MDC-T, National People`s Party(NPP) to mention a few.

“The only way to ensure that there is equal representation of women in leadership positions is to make sure that every woman votes for aspiring women candidates regardless of political affiliation,” said Takundwa.

“It is sad that women constitute about 52% of the country’s population but they still have the few seats in parliament and council chambers.

“If women support each other there are high chances for women to bag more seats in parliament and local government,” said Takundwa.

Participants from across the political divide agreed that they face discrimination from both men and women in society.

Aspiring MDC-T councilor for ward 18, Monica Borerwe, said female politicians are being negatively labelled in society.

NPP aspiring candidate for Mutare North, Pedigree Matara, defined politics as an unfeminine, harsh terrain and urged women to develop a thick skin.

“The problem with us women is that when we face insurmountable challenges we easily give up. This is not the time for us to sleep because we need to show the world that we can do it.

“Where a woman stands we should vote for her and we must grow a thick skin so that we can super cede in this male dominated industry where women are looked down upon,” said Matara.

She added that women must not be intimidated by those who try to instigate violence.

“Women should not be intimidated by those who try to use violence. Deborah from the bible is a good example of a woman who fought a political war. As a woman you must not be afraid to rise and shine,” she said.

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