VP blames MDC-T for Hre cholera plague, says voters should ditch opposition

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By Staff Reporter

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga has blamed the incidence of cholera that broke out in Harare South early this year on alleged failure by the MDC-T led council to provide adequate service delivery to rate payers.

“…We had a terrible situation of cholera in Harare South where houses were built right up close to Hunyani River, where people were given housing stands,” Chiwenga said while addressing members of the Indian community and Zanu PF followers at a campaign rally at Belvedere Technical Teachers College Sunday.

“But how do you do sewer in there in that area, instead of planning properly everything is haphazard.”

Chiwenga urged voters to boot the MDC-T council out of Town House by voting for Zanu PF.

“So we are saying put a council which is responsible, put a council which is accountable, put a council which is able to plan the City of Harare the way you would want,” he said.

Earlier this year, cholera resurfaced in Harare South, Budiriro, Kuwadzana and Dzivarasekwa high density suburbs where some illegal settlements had mushroomed.

The pandemic has also been a perennial problem for city fathers and central government due to poor sanitation and continued failure to provide clean water.

Harare City Council is dominated by MDC-T while the Local Government Ministry is under the ruling party Zanu PF.

Chiwenga said voters need to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a fresh mandate to put things right but he needs to work with Zanu PF winners from both parliament and councils.

“The councillor, together and Member of Parliament there all work together and say what we need in this area is ABCD,” he said.

“And that when it gets to the central government, they will know what priorities to first implement and where and what will then those priorities produce at the end of the day.

“So we are saying vote councillor and Abdurramhman Sapa.”

The VP promised the Indian community resident in Belvedere low density suburb that once they vote for the ruling party, all their challenges will be sorted out.

“If we talk about your suburb here, you have challenges of water reticulation, you have problems of sewer, you have problems of roads,” he said.

“The roads themselves, besides having too many potholes, there is a jungle, we call it an Animal Farm in terms of traffic, all these have to be put in place.

“The council that has been here for the past two decades has not done anything.”

Chiwenga added, “Land has been misused; even land which is not supposed to be used for construction of houses has been dished out and that’s what we call an act of utmost corruption.”

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