VP Chiwenga attempted murder trial: Ailing ex-wife Mubaiwa vomits in court

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By Staff Reporter

THE trial in which vice president Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa is accused of attempting to kill the former defence forces chief failed to proceed before a Harare court last Friday.

Mubaiwa, who is facing several criminal charges, has been unwell for over two years which has seen her losing her right arm.

She is accused of trying to kill Chiwenga when he was critically ill and hospitalised in South Africa back in 2019.

She denies the charges.

Trial was set to start Thursday but the former model, who arrived at court with an aide supporting her, vomited while in the dock resulting in her case being postponed to Friday.

Defence lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa

Her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa then asked for another postponement to a later date after producing a medical affidavit confirming that her client was unwell.

“The accused is unwell. She went to see a doctor on the 15th and again yesterday (Thursday),” said the defence attorney.

“If she did not fear a warrant of arrest as has previously been done she would have been admitted at the hospital.

“The doctor confirmed that she needs to be admitted. We submit the doctor’s notice.”

Mtetwa added “We made a submission yesterday. This is merely a supplement to yesterday’s submission merely confirming that she is unwell.

“If she is admitted (in hospital) it would be impossible for us to know when she would be fit for trial.

“I have noticed that she would be before you on Monday for remand and I’m not sure if she will be able to make it. I suggest that she be given a date a week from now, which takes us to the 27th,” said Mtetwa.

The State consented before the matter was postponed to February 27.

Charges against Mubaiwa arose in 2019 when she allegedly tried to kill Chiwenga who was critically ill and admitted at a hospital in Pretoria.

Prosecutors allege she unplugged life saving devices including an IV and a catheter, from Chiwenga’s body resulting in profuse bleeding. 

It is alleged that Mubaiwa had previously forced Chiwenga to stay at a hotel overnight, denying him treatment for about 24 hours.