VP Chiwenga deserves his post, cannot be removed or challenged: Minister

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VICE President Constantino Chiwenga deserves his post in the presidium and cannot be removed or challenged by any cabinet minister, Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Owen Ncube has said.

Ncube, speaking at a road rehabilitation programme in Kwekwe on Thursday last week, said senior government officials must be grateful and be content with their positions.

“I was appointed to my position by President Mnangagwa and you cannot be appointed if you are not loyal,” Ncube said, before adding, “I have to be content with my position and effectively discharge my duties. It is unbecoming of me to be seen eyeing the Vice President post and telling Chiwenga to pave way for me.”

“The Vice President cannot be challenged or to be removed from his post by a mere cabinet minister. He deserves to be at that position and no-one can remove him. He is not going anywhere, he fought the liberation war.”

Ncube, who always refers to himself as the youngest minister in Mnangagwa’s government, said he cannot imagine himself rising to the presidium.

“I was born in ME Section (Mbizo) then to be seen nursing unbridled ambitions of becoming a Vice President how can that be?” he rhetorically asked.

Meanwhile, the minister slammed Kwekwe city for removing water meters from the residents.

“I am ordering Kwekwe City to return the water meters; how you can do that during this election period?” he thundered.