VP Mohadi parades new wife as ED keeps faith in him, Chiwenga

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By Staff Reporter

VICE PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi had another chance to display his newly acquired sweet heart when he turned up Thursday for his swearing in together with co-VP Constantino Chiwenga by President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House.

Mohadi (68) brought his younger wife to President Mnangagwa’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium last Sunday.

Little however is known of the woman.

He had been married to Senator Tambudzai Mohadi but the couple of 36 years has since gone their separate ways.

The VP joins his colleague who also married a younger wife, Marry after dumping his old wife Jocelyne Chiwenga.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has maintained faith in his two lieutenants who he appointed on becoming state leader November last year.

Chiwenga is fresh from his post as Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander while Mohadi has been in government service for decades. Both VPs are war veterans, a de facto cardinal rule in Zimbabwean politics for one to occupy the lofty government job.

Following his election as the country’s new leader, Mnangagwa is set to appoint a new cabinet with questions on whether he shall return the defence and national healing portfolios to his two deputies.

Until the just ended elections, Chiwenga doubled as the country’s Defence Minister while Mohadi was also in charge of National Healing.