Wa-faya Promises Free Internet, Tuition for Under-Privileged UZ Students

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By Staff Reporter

SOME 30 under-privileged University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students will receive a years’ tuition scholarship from Wa-faya and its partners with the college getting free WiFi.

The UZ campus will be equipped with free internet to ease research and assignments for students courtesy of Wa-faya and internet service provider Telco.

Wa-faya founder and CEO Spencer Meares said the hope was to roll out the initiative to other universities.

“We will be speaking to our partners to support this initiative. So far 30 under privileged students identified by the university’s dean of students will receive schools fees for a year,” Meares said during a drug abuse awareness campaign hosted by the UZ Student Representative Council (SRC) at the university.

“While we are paying the school fees we will also be making an effort to ensure they are accommodated on campus to cut out transport concerns. The entrance to university marks a period of transition for young people and Wa-faya and our partners are playing a part in providing the platform to bridge existing gaps.”

UZ SRC entertainment officer Kuzivakwashe Nyamuchengwa welcomed the generous support.

“On behalf of everyone at University of Zimbabwe I would like to thank you Wa-faya brand for your very generous sponsorship of our students for the scholarships of this coming semester,” said Nyamuchengwa.

“The additional free internet has also really sent a buzz across the entire university. As SRC we would like to thank you for your sponsorship at our event please don’t do this to us only but to all institutions in Zimbabwe.”

Wa-faya recently held a Colour Run Health Expo at the university whose focus was to provide students with a platform to engage on matters of mental health and drug abuse.

At that event, UZ Student Representative Council secretary for social welfare Petronella Mabika said the interest in mental health and well-being in university students has grown exponentially in the last decades.

Wa-faya is a voucher based system created to offer those in the diaspora a seamless service to purchase goods and services in Zimbabwe.

The voucher based system offers its customers a voucher service system for people to purchase goods and services in Zimbabwe.