Wadyajena-Borrowdalle Brooke Homeowners saga drags on 

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By Mary Taruvinga, Senior Reporter

GOKWE Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyejena still can’t find peace in his plushy Borrowdale Brooke residency as disputes continue between him and his neighbours.

It has emerged that a day after the High Court issued a court order directing Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association (BBHOA) to restore his vehicle tags, the authorities are blocking his workers from entering the place.

The lawmaker says the association still taunts him, and is threatening to sue BBHOA for the second time.

His lawyers, Machingura Legal Practitioners, have since written to BBHOA attorneys notifying them of the impending lawsuit.

“We refer to your letter of Friday 13 May 2022, which we received on the 16th instead. Our client’s position, as per instruction, is as follows; the barring of our client’s construction workers is unlawful as our client insists to the contrary, then we challenge your client to the strictest proof of its claim.

“We also challenge your client to produce our client’s master file kept at the estate or association offices within 24 hours hereof so that its contents are inspected and the duly approved plans, submitted several years back, are uplifted.

“Further, in the event that our client’s building contractors are not allowed to enter the estate and continue with their work within 24 hours hereof, our client shall approach the High Court on an urgent basis, seeking appropriate relief.

The lawyers said the costs and any financial prejudice their client may suffer as a result of the estate’s “unlawful conduct”, will be for BBHOA’s account.

“Be warned accordingly,” reads the letter.

Wadyajena last week sued the Shingi Munyeza-chaired BBHOA for deactivating his vehicle tags and relegating him to the visitors’ lane to enter and exit the plush residential area.

His offence was driving around the serene suburb in a thunderous vehicle between midnight and 1am on May 11.

He denied the allegations before High Court Judge Never Katiyo and complained that being treated as a visitor in his own home was embarrassing and cumbersome.

The judge ordered that his tags and status be restored.