Wadyajena-GMAZ row: ‘Meeting cannot be postponed on Twitter’

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By Audience Mutema

THE public spat between Parliament’s Agriculture committee chairperson Justice Mayor Wadyajena and Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) leaders took a nasty turn Tuesday with accusations and counter accusations flying in both directions.

GMAZ lawyer Thembinkosi Magwaliba dismissed Wadyajena’s Twitter rant in which the Gokwe Nembudziya lawmaker claimed GMAZ had tried to attend a non-existent meeting instead of submitting documents demanded by his committee.

As information filtered through that GMAZ was appearing before the committee chaired by Wadyajena, the Zanu PF MP took to Twitter saying, “Instead of submitting documents requested by the parliament Portfolio Committee, GMAZ is inviting media friends to cover a NON-EXISTENT Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meeting.”

Magwaliba, in response, argued GMAZ had submitted the documents as demanded by the committee.

“It is correct that GMAZ submitted further information as required by Parliament on the March 27, 2019 so there is no outstanding information which has not been supplied to Parliament,” Magwaliba told journalists at Parliament building.

“The meeting today was convened during the last meeting, so it was a specific postponement to today. It cannot be postponed through a twitter. We therefore had the members of GMAZ presenting themselves because they committed themselves to present themselves here for the purposes of business of parliament, it has to be formal.”

He added: “Well it is not us who invited ourselves here nor our business to chart the way forward, it is Parliament which invited us to provide information and therefore it is Parliament that will chart the way forward.”

He however confirmed an official at Parliament had notified GMAZ of the postponement.

“We have not been furnished with the reason, what we know is there is no meeting today,” said Magwaliba.

Wadyajena claimed GMAZ was trying to use the media to stop the investigation by Parliament into its dealings especially the foreign currency the association has been receiving from government for years under the pretext of grain importation.

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Grain Millers Association, Justice Mayor Wadyajena

Grain Millers lawyer Advocate Thembinkosi Magwaliba addressing journalists while dismissing Parliament’s Agriculture Committee chair Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s Twitter claims GMAZ had tried to attend a non-existent meeting instead of submitting documents demanded by his committee.

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