War of the opulent: Wadyejena threatens to sue Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association

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By Alois Vinga

GOKWE Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyejena has threatened to drag the Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association (BBHOA) to court for illegally deactivating his vehicle tags and relegating him to use the visitors’ lane to enter and exit the plush residential area

This comes after BBHOA chairman Shingi Munyeza wrote a letter of disapproval to Wadyajena Thursday complaining about the flamboyant businessman’s behaviour.

Wadyajena rocked the normally serene suburb by driving around in a thunderous vehicle between midnight and 1am on May 11, the bemusement of his wealthy neighbours.

The association proceeded to institute disciplinary measures against the colourful youthful legislator.

But in a letter written addressed to the BBHOA through his lawyers of Machingura Legal Practitioners, Wadyejena challenged the disciplinary measures which he described as both “illegal and arbitrary”.

“Whilst our client vigorously denies these allegations and before he has accorded a fair hearing in accordance with the said rules,” Wadyajena’s lawyers said.

“We are further instructed that you have proceeded to arbitrarily and summarily punish our client by deactivating his vehicle tags and relegating him to use visitors’ lane to enter and exit the Borrowdale Brooke Estate where he resides,” the letter said.

The legal representatives said the aforesaid conduct is downright illegal arguing that neither the BBHOA constitutions nor the rules bestow upon you any such authority.

“We have therefore been instructed to demand as we hereby do, that unless our client’s tags are reactivated and our client fully restored of his usual access rights to the estate, we shall approach the High Court on an urgent basis seeking appropriate relief. Be warned accordingly,” added the letter.

Twitter user Hopewell Chingono had earlier tweeted: “I received 13 calls from Borrowdale Brooke residents complaining about Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s behaviour. He spent about three hours making noise with his sports car in the middle of the night.”

But a remorseless Wadyajena shot back saying: “I moved to The Brooke in my 20s a decade ago, so I know the regulations just as you know the road to the American Embassy. Tell the 2 racists & 11 low lives who called to name their price so I buy their homes. Besides, they need not run to you, ZRP B’dale is closer!”