War veterans’ children “embarrassed” in schools over late fees payment

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By Reason Razao

War veterans’ living conditions have further deteriorated with their children being turned away from schools for failing to settle school fees, the Ministry of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs has revealed.

Speaking in a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee pre-budget consultative meeting, Chief Director in the Ministry of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Affairs, Evaristo Dzihwema appealed to the government to consider their set budget.

Dzihwema revealed that there is a need to revamp the ministry’s district and provincial offices.

“Due to late payments of fees, children of war veterans are embarrassed in schools,” Dzihwema said.

“It is therefore appropriate that the ministry be capacitated to deal with the increased financial base.

“Whilst the primary focus will be on district offices, the head office and provincial offices are in need of transport, office equipment and furniture,” he added.

According to Dzihwema, the bulk of the ministry’s work entails visiting institutions that provide services like schools and hospitals in the rural areas.

“All district offices are operating without appropriate vehicles to traverse the road network while the few vehicles at head office and provincial offices are now old and unreliable.

“There is need for new vehicles to be acquired to improve operational efficiency,” the director said.

In response to the presentations, committee chairman of ministries of Defence, Security Services, Home Affairs and Veterans of Liberation Struggle Affairs, Albert Nguluvhe said veterans are living like paupers with most failing to access basic health care.

“With regards to the issue of school fees that they are paying very late and they are correctly saying their children are embarrassed,” said Nguluvhe.

“I am very much aware that war veterans in terms of medical care are suffering. I believe it’s an area that I am happy you as a ministry are addressing, you should take care of the war veterans.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa allocated 35 mines to war veterans two years ago as part of capacitating them but officials tasked with the responsibility to handover claims have not done so amid allegations of corruption.