War vets boss says MDC is Zim’s Renamo, warns Zanu PF members against working with opposition

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By Staff Reporter

MUTARE: Secretary for War Veterans in politburo, Victor Matemanda has said some Zanu PF workers at the party Headquarters were working with the G40 faction to destabilize activities and warned that “heads will soon roll at Shake Shake building to bring sanity and order”.

“Some officials working at party offices are still working with the G40 and G40 is the Gamatox which is a Rhodesian Reactionary Movement.

“Thus why NPF is joining hands with MDC Alliance, those are just desperate people who want positions and do not care about the revolution. How can we have a person who rose to the post of Vice President who go and join hands with reactionary which you know it is a reactionary, Renamo yemuno muZimbabwe (Zim’s Renamo)?

“That’s the party you go and joined hands with and say we want to fulfill the zvido zvechimurenga. Zvipi zvacho?” said Matemadanda while addressing war veterans meeting in the eastern border recently.

He said such people were controlling party offices and there was need to root out those working with them.

“Those are the people who are controlling people who are running our offices.

“My word of advice is that those who want to work for the party must not make us doubt them. We have the capacity to root them out. We will close that Shake Shake takavhomora vhomora vanhu.Yes we can do it. Makandipa manyawi ndozviita.

He added: “The are some people at Shake Shake building who think they are so special. When they meet us they will behave as if they have come across a bucket of faeces. We want to get rid of those people. Vationa vanoita sevavhurirwa blair toilet

He also accused workers at the Zanu P HQ of grabbing and looting party regalia which they don’t wear.

“They work for the enemy. What troubles me is that every consignment of regalia delivered at the office they grab but none of them wear the regalia.

“Regalia are supposed to be work suits for Zanu PF workers but they don’t want to wear it but they just take it. They must be warned. I am going to tell the President at politburo meeting that if their people come to work without putting on regalia we will fire them,” vowed Matemadanda.