War vets plan gig for new SADC Troika chair, Mnangagwa

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

WAR veterans have planned a giant gig for President Emmerson Mnangagwa following the State leader’s recent assumption of the revolving chairpersonship of the SADC Troika.

At a press briefing Wednesday, pro-Zanu PF welfare group, Zimbabwe National Liberation War veterans Association (ZNLWVA) said the gig was meant to celebrate Mnangagwa’s recognition as a rising political force in the region.

“We have also gathered today (Wednesday) to demonstrate to the region how our President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been recognised as a force to reckon with in the region by being given a chance to lead the SADC organ on politics and defence,” ZNLWVA spokesperson Mahiya told journalists.

“…We applaud that; remember today he is the President and remember he is also the commander of the fighters that we are talking about. So that is an achievement.

“It is the war veterans that have benefitted, being recognised by the region.

“Never ever at any point has the opposition been recognised in the southern region or accorded or given such a post.

“This is a milestone, this is an achievement for the people of Zimbabwe and even journalists must applaud that.

“So we are organising a big event for that and all war veterans are coming to support the President…”

It is the first time President Mnangagwa takes over a post in a regional bloc since he muscled his way to power on the back of a 2017 military assisted coup against then President Robert Mugabe.

Zanu PF youths were first to plan a gig for their party leader but are yet to stage the event.

The planned event to celebrate Mnangagwa will come as a carbon copy of the birthday gigs the Zanu PF youth wing used to organise for Mugabe.

The events often saw Zanu PF officials scramble to shower praises on Mugabe, who was often likened to popular milk brand, Cremora by former cabinet minister Webster Shamu.