War vets: ‘Political devil’ Western countries should be fought through MDC

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By Idah Mhetu

ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya says Western powers that imposed sanctions on the country were “political devils” which should be fought through their MDC representatives in the country.

He was addressing the media in Harare on Thursday to state the former fighters’ position on the US and European Union targeted measures imposed on some top government officials and associated firms 2001 and 2003.

Mahiya said MDC should be declared enemies of the country if they do not attend this Friday’s anti-sanctions march organised by government.

The Zanu PF led government accuses the main opposition of inviting sanctions on the country in attempts to bring it down.

“The MDC has called for sanctions. If they didn’t call for sanctions, we must be able to see the MDC leadership on Friday. If we don’t see them, then it will be evident that they are the ones who called for sanctions and they must be declared enemies of the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“The opposition and the NGOs are the foot-soldiers of…the West.”

MDC denies it had a direct hand in the embargo, insisting government’s rights abuses, poll theft and lack of accountability were the main reasons behind the imposition of the measures.

In his address to the media, Mahiya said the liberation war heroes of the SADC region recently resolved they supported calls for the lifting of the sanctions.

The Zanu PF militant support base, accused of visiting brutalities on former white landowners and Zanu PF opponents during the onset of Zimbabwe’s chaotic land reform process 2000, declared they will not let power slip into the hands of MDC party.

“It was also resolved by the liberation war heroes of the region that we unite against this evil practice and fight back,” Mahiya said.

“We resolved that we fight against this political devil coming from the West. And this political devil in this country is represented by the opposition party.

“So, we strategise and resist these illegal sanctions, since they are represented in their war by the opposition,” Mahiya said.

The war veterans’ spokesperson said Zimbabweans do not live in a vacuum but needed other nations also to survive.

“We are in a global village; Zimbabwe needs other countries to survive,” he said.

Mahiya said if Western imposed sanctions were removed, MDC will be left empty on ideas to challenge Zanu PF.

“If sanctions are removed, MDC will not have any political material to deliver to the people. They become an empty shell, an organisation without an ideology,” he said.