Warriors coach unpaid despite million-dollar sponsorship claim Milking the glory … Chivayo, Hlongwane, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kaskuwere, Phil Chiyangwa at last Monday’s Warriors game against Zwaziland

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DESPITE Zifa boss Phillip Chiyangwa and youthful businessman, Wicknel Chivhayo, claiming they sealed a US$1million sponsorship deal financed by the latter, the pair have not paid Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa for two months, it has emerged.
The Sunday Mail reported that Pasuwa, who led the national team to a crushing 4-0 win over Swaziland last Monday, has not been paid since signing a two-year performance-based contract on February 8, 2016.
Chiyangwa and Chivhayo announced their million-dollar sponsorship agreement in December last year.
Asked about Pasuwa’s salary, Chiyangwa told the publication off, saying he was concentrating on his personal businesses.
“I am not talking about that this week. Why don’t you enjoy the victory we gave you on Monday while I catch up with things in my business?” he said.
An angry Chivhayo also retorted: “You guys are bothering me with such questions.
“My question to you is why do you want to waste time on negative things when there are plenty positive stories to write?”
He then added: “But since it bothers you so much, I am going to make sure that he gets his money.”
Pasuwa would not comment on the issue, but the Sunday Mail quoted sources close to him saying he was facing eviction from his home over unpaid rentals.
“We only read about these monies in your newspapers but reality is that you guys are being fed with lies,” said the source.
“It’s true Pasuwa has not been paid a single cent since he signed the US$7,000 a month contract but he will not speak about it for obvious reasons. The major challenge now is that this situation is affecting life at home.
“He is even struggling to pay rent at his new residence in Greendale after being persuaded to move from Chitungwiza because they said the town did not befit a national coach.
“I am not very sure of why the bosses are lying to the media that all is well when in actual fact it’s not.
“For your own information the players threatened to pull out of the Swaziland match on Easter Monday only for them to be persuaded to play a few hours before kickoff.”