Warriors Cosafa 2015 draw fair, Pasuwa

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THE Warriors will have to navigate past Namibia, Seychelles and Mauritius to reach the quarterfinals of the Cosafa Cup 2015 following the draw conducted in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday.
Zimbabwe, because of their low ranking, will start at the group stage. Group B has Lesotho, Tanzania, Madagascar and Swaziland.
Should the Warriors progress from this group, they will face Zambia in the last eight-the same team that beat them 2-0 in the 2013 final.
Coach Kalisto Pasuwa, who will be fielding basically an Under 23 side, side he was looking forward to the games.
“It’s another opportunity for us to get to play together again and I hope we will have a strong squad by then. But I am also aware that the local league will be on so I might not get some of the players that I need for the games.
“On the draw itself, it’s a fair one, there are no small teams in football and anything can happen. We need to be prepared and get some games to play before we go there,” he said on Friday.
GROUP A                                             GROUP B
Namibia                                               Lesotho                               
Zimbabwe                                          Tanzania             
Seychelles                                          Madagascar                       
Mauritius                                            Swaziland                          
17/05/15              Day 1:    Namibia vs Seychelles 
Zimbabwe vs Mauritius                               
18/05/15              Day 2:                    Lesotho vs Madagascar
Tanzania vs Swaziland
19/05/15              Day 3:                    Seychelles vs Zimbabwe             
Namibia vs Mauritius   
20/05/15              Day 4:                    Madagascar vs Tanzania
Lesotho vs Swaziland    
21/05/15              Day 5:                    Namibia vs Zimbabwe                                                                                                                   Seychelles vs Mauritius                                                      
Arrival of K-O Round teams x 6 
22/05/15              Day 6:                    Lesotho vs Tanzania                                                                                                                       Madagascar vs Swaziland                     
23/05/15                              Departure eliminated teams
24/05/15              Day 9:                    QF1        Ghana vs Win. Group B                                
QF2        Mozambique vs Malawi               Advertisement

25/05/15              Day 10: QF3        Zambia vs Win. Group A                              
                                                                QF4        South Africa vs Botswana            
26/05/15              Day 11: RESTDAY
27/05/15              Day 12: Plate Semi Final 1                           
                                                                Plate Semi Final 2           
28/05/15              DAY 13:                Semi Final 1                                      
                                                                Semi Final 2                                      
29/05/15              DAY 14:                Plate Final                         
                                Departure of eliminated teams (Plate section)
30/05/15              DAY 16:                Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2                                   
                Win. SF1 vs Win. SF2                     
31/05/15              Departure of Teams & Officials