Warriors star says stressed by Zimra siege over Makepekepe bus

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

WARRIORS star, Nyasha Mushekwi says he was stressed by persistent calls and was willing to pay some additional funds the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has demanded as duty for a luxurious bus he recently acquired for former club, Caps United.

His comments come after Zimra was reportedly said to have grabbed the 45-seater coach pending review of duty paid.

“If they insist on us doing this (paying more money) now because it is giving me a lot of stress, the up and down; being called after every 10 minutes,” Mushekwi said in an interview Wednesday.

“So now I just wanna get it over and done with, whatever that they want…I will gladly take that route because I am tired of talking about this issue over and over again.

“I did not expect something like this. If they keep on trying to find a negative thing in a good situation, it’s really disappointing.”

Mushekwi added, “If there are any other people who want to invest in our game or invest into anything in our country, it’s gonna be difficult when you see a small thing like this being taken up and down and all kinds of vibe that is now coming out, it’s not a good thing for our nation.”

Mushekwi went on to say that the taxman has gone as far as getting written confirmation from the bus suppliers in China to get the real value of the bus.

“I don’t even understand why now because everything that we paid is exactly what they (Zimra) demanded after they had requested the supplier to confirm the price,” he said.

“The supplier had to write a letter before we clear the bus at the Beitbridge border post and the supplier did everything…we paid what they asked for and we are now being told something else.”

The 45-seater Caps United FC team bus was handed over to the club last week at the National Sports Stadium.

The Warriors star bought the bus as form of appreciation to the team for giving him a platform to kick off his professional career, which took him to foreign clubs such as South Africa, Sweden, Belgium and China.