WATCH: Barely a week after killing five, CAG bus conductor says their 65 seater buses board 102 while overloading on Kariba – Harare route

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By Staff Reporter

BARELY a week after killing five passengers in an accident along the Karoi-Binga road, a CAG Travellers Coaches conductor has been recorded declaring that their 65 seater buses carry 102 passengers.

The conductor operating the Kariba-Harare bus (ADC 0721) on Monday, was recording while loading the bus beyond its stipulated capacity.

Asked why he was doing so, the conductor indicated that their bus carried beyond a hundred passengers while they did not use the number of people on it but focused more on the weight their vehicle carried.

“What is your problem? How has what we are doing affected you? This bus carries 102 passengers and anyway we focus on the weight this bus can carry so we are not overloaded,” said the conductor.

His colleague on the same trip, wearing CAG’s Green uniform also took an active role in the act.

In Chinhoyi over 20 passengers were tricked into boarding the bus. They were told to purchase tickets before boarding with promises of empty seats only for them to stand all the way to Harare.

“They told us to buy tickets before boarding, they told us seats were there but now we are being forced to stand to Harare while carrying babies on our backs,” said a woman who got onto the bus in Chinhoyi.