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ACTIVISTS aggressively took down former president Robert Mugabe’s portrait at a Harare five-star hotel following his resignation Tuesday.
Meikles Hotel staff were captured on the video trying to stop the youthful female activists pulling down and smashing the portrait which was a common feature in both public and private offices and buildings.
The portraits were viewed as a key part of the cult of personality developed around Mugabe, whom political analysts described as an authoritarian ruler.
In the video, staunch critic of the former president Maureen Kademaunga, independent parliamentary candidate Vimbai Musvaburi and others can be heard shouting “We have been told to remove it, he is not president” while fighting to stop hotel staff from snatching away the unwanted valuable.
The staff then picked up the broken pieces after Musvaburi smashed to the ground just outside the hotel entrance. Also seen in the video is another political activist Linda Masarira.
The stunt was perpetrated at Rainbow Towers Hotel across the city on Tuesday as youths celebrated soon after the announcement of Mugabe’s resignation by parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda.