WATCH: Biti, Ncube parly showdown over currency

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By Staff Reporter

MDC vice president and ex-finance minister Tendai Biti Wednesday had a showdown with incumbent Treasury boss Mthuli Ncube over the scrapping of the multi-currency system for the much-resented Zim-dollar.

Ncube introduced Statutory Instrument 142/2019 to do away with the multi-currency system that had stabilised the fragile national economy for 10 years.

The legal instrument bound government entities, businesses and the rest to revert to the use of the Zim-dollar in domestic transactions.

The unpopular policy stance has however been violated by the same authorities who continue to collect some taxes in US dollars, and lately, some retail firms have been allowed to charge a combination of the US and the Zim-dollar.

Biti felt the double standards by authorities was unwelcome.

Watch as Mthuli Ncube & Tendai Biti lock horns in Parliament

Posted by New on Thursday, February 20, 2020