WATCH: Blood or dark forces? Mysterious red fluid in trenches puzzles Mabvuku

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By Staff Reporter

HARARE: The Mabvuku community was left pondering a red liquid substance that was discovered in the trenches near Kamunhu shopping area.

The red liquid was discovered flowing in trenches last Saturday leading many to speculate  whether it is blood or an act of dark forces.
The community was left puzzled as red substance continued to flow in the trench without ceasing.
Community members that spoke to Destiny Media were in a state of confusion with some claiming it may be linked to satanism.
“It is a problem that continues to confuse us. We do not even know what the fluid is. We are worried that the substance may be of satanism. We are calling on authorities to come and investigate what the fluid is,” said one resident.
So intriguing is the liquid flow that Mabvuku residents are frequenting the trench in efforts to ascertain what it is.
“This is not blood. If it was blood we would have seen blood clots. I think it is red mercury,” said another resident.
When Destiny Media visited the area, a reddish substance could be seen flowing with many taking exchanges at a glance.
“There used to be a well nearby. Maybe it is something that was deposited in that well that is causing reddish fluid flow,” said another resident.